Tuesday, August 11, 2009

hey ppl,
bloggers is giving me problems!
decide to change to wordpress.
relink me at
however this blogs stays.
just in case i wan it back!

~*~*Liin9 Paradiise*~*~ 10:35 PM

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

monday (:
4 more days to meet bestie!
can't wait to celebrate his 21st birthday wif him!
we gonna have fun soon!
hopefully jun guang would be able to join us (:

i haven started doing cards for bestie and guang.
im still brainstorming how to DIY.
still thinking. need to wrap bestie and junguang's gift.
HOPEFULLY they love the gift =)

i MISS junguang! although last sunday we meet each other.
i just miss his huggs so much!
i miss last sunday meeting..
recalling wad he said to me..
dear, you're the best! muacks!

~*~*Liin9 Paradiise*~*~ 12:53 AM

Monday, August 03, 2009

to my dearest JG:
HAPPY 1 yr 8 month (:
i enjoy every moment with you.
i love you

~*~*Liin9 Paradiise*~*~ 12:08 AM

Sunday, August 02, 2009


finally get to meet my junguang!
sorry dear, you are sick yet i still ask you out.
but its been a month since i see you!

and its finally we meet up!

well, got him 2 bottle of 凉茶.
and he drank all while we were having dinner.
he feel so much better after drinking.
I know he dislike the "linyang"..
but he still drink all! (:

went to marina square to shop for bestie's gift.
well, something just came out to my mind when i saw something..
and i find it so cute and nice..
i bought a lamp for bestie. well, hopefully he likes it!

went to esplanade for a walk..
and had heart to heart talk!
just enjoy every moment wif him!
he says out my feelings out till i cry!

which no one ever said this me in my life even my PARENTS!
he really understands me alot.
he knows what are my weakness and strengths.
he knows my problems!
dear, thanks so much for being my side!

i can swear:
he is someone that i can really trust in my life.
without him, i can never find such a understanding and loving boyfriend in my life.
dear, you plays a part of my life. i love you.

~*~*Liin9 Paradiise*~*~ 11:24 PM

im broke!
ytd and today i spend abt nearly to $200!
geez, broke liao!
i still got no idea wad to get for junguang's birthday! ):
im still thinking!

ytd meet up wif kie min and jess.
before that went to queensway to acc kie min to buy his jeans.
after tt headed to marina to search for bestie's gift!
had pizza hut for dinner wif jess.

finally i've got myself a shoulder bag!
yeah! pretty like the bagg! yeah!
bought 2 clothes today! woo! frm cotton on..

went to bedok to search for chocolate cookies recipe.
yeah! bought all the ingredients!
and here i am.. doing chocolate cookies for the first time!
wanna had my first try out before i really do the nice one for junguang.
wanna use my sincerity to bake him nice and delicious cookies for his birthday ya (:

well, it went well! its nice! just that the shape is abit.. hahaha! you know!

~*~*Liin9 Paradiise*~*~ 12:22 AM

Thursday, July 30, 2009

ah boy ah, you are one year old already!
pls pls be guai, don be so naughty (:

rotting at home for the past 3 days.
tml finally im goin out!
im gonna get bestie a gift!
but im still wo
bro booking out tml (: haha

just now had a long chat wif junguang.
he says he finally book out already.
but sad to say that he need to book in tml..
den afternoon booked out and at night book in again!
damn NS, steal bf frm me ):

well, im still planning for junguang's birthday..
wanting to give him surprise.
but before that need to plan bestie birthday!
hope junguang will be free tat and tagg along to have fun! (:

lastly! i miss you junguang! cant wait to see you soon! muacks

~*~*Liin9 Paradiise*~*~ 8:35 PM

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

bro booked in today.
dear ryan nearly cried while bro is goin to book in.
how sweet isn't he! (:

oh ya, i made up my mind already.
i'm not going to the study trip due to personal reason.
shall not elaborate any further.
i know its disappointing somehow..
anyway, i've made up my mind.

i've been rotting at home for the past 4 days.
its killing me somehow.
weather so hot today, don feel like going out.
its gonna end july soon!
gosh it was soo fast!

had a little chat wif junguang earlier on (:
well, im can't wait august 9 ends!
i wanna celebrate his 21st birthday wif him!
geez, there's so many august babies!
Aug 2 - steven
Aug 3 - rabin
Aug 8 - Bestie (sinkai), Yvonne
Aug 13 - junguang
Aug 20 - jinwei
Aug 22 - bro
Aug 25 - dad
Aug 31 - lian swan

gonna be broke soon!

~*~*Liin9 Paradiise*~*~ 6:56 PM

Monday, July 27, 2009

bro is back from tekong after his 2 long weeks on enlistment.
well, i was sooo happy to see back home!
the moment he came back, he said YO!
seriously, my first thought was i really miss him bro!
he changed!
he talks alot!
thanks to NS, for brighten up his life.
he've learn to be responsibe.
i bet dad is gonna be happy!

had a great dinner wif my family (:
its was my treat!
yah, dad also pay my study trip to hk/shenzhen.
im so looking forward to the day i went to hk wif my sch mates!

well, i was indeed happy today after i've receive junguang's msg.
he finally share his feelings to me!
he told me, if he can, he don wish to go NS, because NS is very sianz.
well, guys have to go through this,
dear, i will wait for you.
just endure ok.

~*~*Liin9 Paradiise*~*~ 12:10 AM

Saturday, July 25, 2009

bestie fall sick ):
get well soon ya.

dad said he will pay half of my study trip to hk/shenzhen.
i really wanna go badly.
its a good exposure!
its my first time goin on a trip wif the sch.
well, exception for the bintan trip in ITE, its totally unacceptable.

geez! i need a job badly!

~*~*Liin9 Paradiise*~*~ 4:34 PM

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


hello everyone! im back to update.
its been a week since i last update!
was busying doing projects and projects for the past 1 week.
now everything had come to an end!
classical had finally ended!
there's goes my 3 weeks of holiday.

Afterwhich, it will be my last stopover! EMRS!
9 weeks of attachment and there ends my TEP!
and im back to study again and meet NEW classmates again!
btw, i miss my YMCA n CLASS BM0806!
i miss you ppl badly! ):

yah, today wake up early in the morning just to watch the solar eclipse.
dun sleep well last night, thanks to my dad!
headed school to get prepared for our presentation and role play of CS.
well, rehearsing that time was not a problem..
but the actual role play that time, everything was screw up.
daniel was lost! so do jacqueline.
anyway, its over. thanks for all ur effort for doing the reports!
cheers!~~~ (: (: (:

20 July 2009

went to sch early in the morning for our presentation of project management.
this was one of my worst module i ever attend!
but but overall i find it useful.
learn alot although i flung that module! 40% gone case!
i gonna get a D for this module!

finally project management had ended, left wif Customer Service!
went home straight after that, saw junguang msg..
well, was kinda disappointed. ): haiz, shall not elaborate.
its been almost 3 weeks already since we last met.

meet kie min at paya lebar.
we went to katong to have KATONG LAKSA for dinner.
super nice lah! the laksa.
after tt went to east coast park for a walk.
had heart to heart talk..
well, its been v nice of him to have him around.
thanks bestie! you are really a good friend and accompany!

19 July 2009


woke up early in the morning to finish up PM powerpoint slides.
well, it took me 2 freaking long hours to complete it.
thanks to maltida loh.. she wants the powerpoints slides to finish in early afternoon! lolz.
done wif powerpoint slides..

dad drove us to takashimaya..
well, i've got $200 taka voucher for my birthday gift.
i gonna use it all.
but wad a disappointment!
none of the products i like! because it was freaking expensive!
i went up and down searching wad products should i buy!
well, i went to buy bras and panties! 1 short and shirt and 2 everlast shoes.
the rest, i bought it for my mum. good enough.

i swear, i will never come to shop at taka again!
so expensive lah! $200 voucher is nv enough to buy branded goods!

these are the 2 everlast shoes i bought!

18 July 2009

woo! went to watch NDP preview wif my parents plus celeste and ryan.
it seems like every year we get to watch NDP preview.
lolz, im just love to see the fireworks thats all!

we went there early for a walk.
took some pics wif the kids! lolz!
they are so funny! (:

i dun manage to see junguang marching on the parade.
but but i spotted bestie in the camera! hahaahha!
overall the show wasn't fascinating! wad a dissapointed this year!
i only enjoyed the fireworks! lolz~
jun guang called, ask me whether did i get to see him march..
well, the fact i didn't. there's too much ppl marching.
dinner at food court. home sweet home! wad a day!

17 July 2009

went to sch early to do customer service and project management project.
wah, reach sch at 10a.m ended at 3p.m..
headed to cityhall to meet weixiang!
i finally got to meet my RCCC colleagues!
its been so long since we last meet! i think it was last year!
meet up wif weixiang, qiuyue, zhijian, sheng qiang and xiao jia!
whahaha, dinner at swensens, had a great time chatting wif them!
went shopping at plaza sing..
its been so nice seeing them again!
hope to see you ppl soon!

well, i guess i've blog long enough! (:

~*~*Liin9 Paradiise*~*~ 10:30 PM

Monday, July 13, 2009

bro went NS already.
heart sunk after my parents and i bid goodbye to him.
do take care of urself when u are in camp.

well, the whole event to tekong took us 4 freaking hours!
geez, so so tired and sleepy.
project discussion tml.
damn, im so sick and tired about projects!
it freaks me off!

just have to endure 1 week 2 days to my 3 weeks holidays!
i wanna go shopping!
i wanna use up my $200 takashimaya voucher.

oh ya, talk about ytd..
ytd meet up wif kie min and sin yee to go esplanade..
watch our NYPCO perform.
its was great performance indeed.
and im kinda regret for now joining.
but their practice was so long.. and i don have time for practice ):

nvm abt now. gtg.. ciaoz!

~*~*Liin9 Paradiise*~*~ 11:56 PM

Saturday, July 11, 2009


went to meet kie min at bugis and went to precious thoughts to buy huiyun's gift.
afterwhich, headed to douby ghout to meet jinwei.
went to attend rachel's 21st birthday celebration! pics taken (:

~*~*Liin9 Paradiise*~*~ 10:02 PM

Friday, July 10, 2009

today's MS Project ICA was easy.
Hopefully i can get good grades to cover my ICA 1.
well, i am 100% confirm i really did badly for ICA 1,
even though i don know the result yet.

Customer Service ica 2 was great.
although my role being the service provider was quite nervous..
overall, im satisfy wif my role (:
mr james sim said it was not bad (:
but still need improvement.

well, i've got back my MSC result.
very satisfy wif my result.
things i need to improve is my leadership. haha.
well, i'll try bah. you shld know, i don like to act to be leader.
i dun wan ppl to mistaken me you see.

headed home to slack.
after tt meet yun for dinner.
yun.. thanks for the treat and the gift (:
pretty much enjoyed chatting wif her.
gal, don be stress ok. everything will went smoothly. Jiayou (:

after dinner, meet kie min for a movie (:
watch Ice Age 3!
well, wad shld i say, the movie awesome! funny and cool!
thanks kie min for the accompany!

im coming down to 4 weeks to end national day.
wish bf was less busy and busy.

~*~*Liin9 Paradiise*~*~ 11:43 PM

Thursday, July 09, 2009

i gonna flunk my project management ICA.
last min of studying always cause the consequences.
die die die.
fcuk project management! project sucks.

ica 2 tml for MS project.
ica 2 tml for CS role play.
Next week, discussion of CS n PM!
busy busy busy!

went to meet kie min to shop rachel's 21st gift.
yupps, manage to get her gift (:
many thanks to kie min for his accompany! (:
had loads of fun wif you.

dear bf called for a chat.
as usual, never ending session.
just simply love him! muacks! (:

~*~*Liin9 Paradiise*~*~ 11:36 PM

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

fcuk project management.
5 lessons to cover and thats includes elearning.
i just couldn't get the notes into my head.
help me pls!

thanks to the project management test.
cause me can't get to meet dear!
tsk tsk tsk!!
sorry love. need to study for test tml.
its 40% written test!

guess gonna burn midnight oil tonight.

just hope 9 august faster end.
i know its early now.
wish dear won't be so busy!
i wan his hugs!

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